Despite the outcome…..THANK YOU!

After months of campaigning, dozens of campaign events, hundreds of phone calls, thousands of doors knocked, and countless conversations with constituents the election is over.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped on this journey. Having never run for political office, I had no idea of how this would turn out. This was a much closer race than anyone expected and that is only because of the immense support I have received from friends, family, and those who believe that every Missourian deserves a fair shot and that we, as a community, can work to bring one another up rather than knock each other down. In August, voters across the state voted to protect workers’ rights by defeating “right-to-work”, last night, they demanded ethics reform and fairness in campaigning and a living wage. These are policies which will help to push Missouri forward and help create a more equitable community.

Never forget that this is your government. Make sure those who represent us in Jefferson City and in Washington D.C., whoever they are, understand that we want fairness and equity baked into our laws. We want laws that protect everyone, not just those who can buy access to the system. We want good schools, and good healthcare, and safe neighborhoods, and clean air and clean water, and places to come together, and all the other things that help us build community. Most importantly, we want to know that our politicians answer to us, the people.

Thank you again to each and every person who helped on this campaign. Whether it was donating your hard-earned money, or knocking doors, or making calls, or sharing a social media post. This campaign was always centered on you and you gave it life. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know my community is stronger with each and every one of you in it.

Much Love,



My name is Mike LaBozzetta. I am an attorney working with entrepreneurs, business-owners, nonprofits, and startups. The greatest joy of my job is seeing what my neighbors can create and contribute to the community with a little bit of support. I want to bring that back to Jefferson City!

My wife, Jessica, and I love living in St. Louis, with the diversity of attractions, food, and cultural offerings the region has to offer. When we're not busy with our day jobs, you can usually find us playing indoor soccer, exploring the region's food and drink scene, taking in the world-renowned St. Louis Symphony Orchestra at beautiful Powell Hall, or hanging out with our dog, Gadget.

I am running to represent the 99th district in the Missouri House of Representatives. The 99th includes the cities of Manchester, Twin Oaks, and Valley Park and is a wonderful, diverse place to live and work. My goal in representing this area is to create a government that invests in its citizens by investing in their education, in their healthcare, and in creating a diverse economy that provides opportunities for all.